If you have observed any breaches of probity or serious facts that may be related to:

  • manipulation or fraud in accounting and financial matters,
  • corruption or influence peddling,
  • non-compliance with competition rules

by an employee of the Henner Group or a person acting on behalf of Henner Group or one of its subsidiaries, or if you have noted an apparent and serious breach of law or rules of procedures, please report them here*:

* The Henner Group is committed to guarantee the strict confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, the persons targeted by the alert and the facts covered by the alert. No employee shall be sanctioned, dismissed or discriminated against, directly or indirectly, for having issued an internal alert in good faith and in accordance with best practice. Conversely, abuse of the system may expose its user to disciplinary sanctions as well as legal proceedings.

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