The Henner Group is committed to supporting causes that it believes:
corporate responsibility and sustainability, medical research, child protection
and professional integration.

Societal and responsible commitment

Societal and responsible commitment to the United Nations Global Compact

Since 2003, the Henner Group maintains its commitment to the streams of progress suggested by the Global Compact, to support the 10 principles relating to Human Rights, International Labor Standards, Environment and fight against Corruption.

Find our annual report on the Global Compact website.

Medical research

Institut Curie

Cancer is a major public healthcare problem, with an estimated 360,000 new cases in 2010, and is the highest cause of death in France and around the world (13% of deaths). By developing innovative research programs and publishing their results internationally, the researchers and clinicians at the Institut Curie are helping to discover new therapies for cancer. The institute is made up of 3,000 researchers, doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative staff.

Institut Imagine

Imagine Institute conducts research into genetic diseases affecting children. Located on the campus of the Necker Hospital, the institute is made up of more than 450 researchers, doctors and healthcare workers in multidisciplinary laboratories. Their aim is to develop new diagnoses and treatments to better look after and heal patients with genetic diseases.


Child protection

Voix de l’Enfant

La Voix de l’Enfant is an umbrella group made up of 80 different associations working in nearly 100 countries. Their common goal is to listen and defend children in distress, wherever they may be. The associations each provide a different outlook on the same situation – that of children in distress – and take exemplary action adapted to each case (operations following tsunami, defence of children with no civil status, and ensuring children’s voices are heard).

Professional integration


The purpose of Agefiph is to encourage professional integration and employment of people with disabilities in the private sector, through levies paid by companies. The Henner Group signed a three-year agreement in 2015 to make a strong commitment to people with disabilities.

Avenir Ensemble

The Avenir Ensemble foundation allows deserving children to be sponsored from the age of 15 until they get their first job. The programs provide not just financial, but also personal support, in particular via a network of companies and institutions that set up sponsorship programs. The Henner Group has several committed sponsors among its employees.