www.particuliers.henner.com – The new Henner Group website for individual clients

In today’s highly competitive market for personal insurance, the Henner Group has redesigned its website for individual clients, creating a more streamlined and personalised browsing experience.

The digital transformation of the Henner Group continues

After the launch of the mobile apps Henner+ in 2016 and myHenner in 2017, the Henner Group has reinforced its digital foundations by redesigning its website for individual clients. The group’s aim is to reinforce its digital and sales strategy among various individual clients, including seniors, families, freelancers and expatriates.



Creating a personalised experience

On the homepage, the user simply clicks on one of the characters representing each of the client categories to view the catalogue of products.
The user can then ask for an online quote, or have a customer advisor call them back at the date and time of their choice.

The website also offers personalised rates for senior healthcare products and funeral insurance.

Users can also quickly calculate the price via the instant messaging service with our Henner advisors. The advisors on the website are the same as those you speak to over the phone.

A smoother browsing experience

Easy access to information, no insurance jargon and a clearer presentation of our products.


… with a range of tools and services at your fingertips.

  1. A reimbursement calculator stated in euros rather than as a percentage of the reimbursement base
  2. A function that allows you to compare plans and options
  3. A quick pricing system
  4. A detailed catalogue of products

The new website – key figures

25% more visitors during the within a month
50% of users visit the website – designed as mobile first – on their mobile device

Laure de Tilly, executive vice president of domestic operations and digital, explains, “The new individual client website shows our willingness to reinforce our B2C strategy and constantly improve the quality of our customer experience. The new design will provide our current and prospective clients access to all our products and allow them to calculate pricing or have a customer advisor call them back.”

To find out more https://particuliers.henner.com


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