Henner takes the first step towards talking about disabilities

For the European Disability Employment Week, the Henner Group reiterates its commitment to the hiring, integration and sustained employment of disabled individuals.

The Henner Group is active throughout the year

For several years now, the Henner Group has been committed to supporting the hiring, integration and sustained employment of disabled individuals. Its aim is to overcome prejudices.

It implements this active policy through a variety of actions:

– A partnership signed in 2015 with AGEFIPH, to support the hiring, sustained employment, training, use of the protected (disabled) sector and disability awareness campaigns

– The Disability Action team in charge of the Henner disability Policy

– Around thirty disabled employees around the Group

– The participation in the ESSEC-Hanploi (disability employment) Open Forum

– The creation of an educational disability awareness document for employees

– The organisation of a disability awareness week held for the second year running (in June)

– The compulsory training of the Group’s managers on issues such as hiring and integrating disabled workers


“Henner is among those companies that have a real disability policy. Because we are used to working together, it makes dialogue and management much easier.” Gwenaëlle d’Artet, consultant at SAMETH (support service for keeping disabled people in the workforce).


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