Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. Which is why the Henner Group has launched its well-being range.

A company that performs well is one that looks after its employees, which has prompted the Henner Group to launch “Well-Being by Henner,” – 16 healthcare prevention and well-being programs for employees, spread across 4 different areas (medical follow-up, prevention, wellness, and addictions).

Medical prevention, no longer just a trend!
Quality of life and medical prevention in the workplace are issues that currently affect companies of all sizes and in all sectors. But many risks can be avoided through prevention.

Having worked with companies for the past 70 years providing social protection for their employees, the Henner Group advises its clients in medical prevention and well-being, and provides expertise in personal insurance and healthcare expense management.

Well-Being by Henner, 16 programs designed for companies and their employees
Well-Being by Henner is a set of 16 healthcare prevention and well-being programs for employees, spread across 4 different areas:

Medical follow-up
– expatriates
– executives
– employees
– posture and movement

– Oral and dental hygiene
– Skin cancer
– Cardiovascular risks
– Breast cancer

– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Stress
– Work/private life balance
– Noise
– Team spirit and bonding

– Smoking
– Alcohol

A flexible service designed for companies
– A medical team specialised in healthcare and well-being in the workplace to support and advise you, and coordinate the design of your program.

– We have a range of topics and formats on offer (workshops, conferences, stands, webinars, individual coaching, newsletters, etc.).

– A specially selected network of providers at your disposal

Well-being by Henner, a win-win solution
The Henner Group strongly believes that a prevention program used to its full potential can only improve the quality of life of its employees, while also being beneficial to the employer.
For employees, the benefits of improving their quality of life, health and performance are obvious. For companies, this type of healthcare policy improves productivity, commitment, cost containment, and promotes the company’s image as the best place to work.

“Well-Being by Henner is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of our clients and support them to lead an effective policy to promote quality of life in the workplace and the well-being of their employees,” explains Anne André, executive vice president in charge of the direct sales business unit.


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