Since 1 Jan 2016, all private-sector companies in France are required to provide supplementary healthcare insurance to all employees. The Henner Group has come up with a dedicated offer for very small to medium-sized companies called Henner Entreprise.

The ideal solution … 

As of 1 Jan 2016, all French companies, regardless of their size, are legally required to provide their employees with supplementary healthcare insurance. 

The new law changes little for large companies, but for very small to medium-sized companies, it is a more substantial development. Managing a company is a big job, and leaders of small companies, who are often acting on their own, need support to fulfil their legal obligations. 

This prompted Henner to develop a range of products for very small to medium-sized companies, and launched Henner Entreprise.

Henner Entreprise is a comprehensive service designed to meet the needs and suit the budget of very small to medium-sized companies and their employees, by providing support to the fulfil legal requirements and administrative procedures.

… tailored to the size and needs of the company

Henner Entreprise, which includes healthcare, life and disability insurance, can be tailored to the size of the company.

Healthcare insurance:

7 plans: 1 basic plan, 5 responsible-compliant plans and 1 non-compliant plan to provide greater cover.

The plan includes 3 semi-modular options for employees who wish to individually boost their cover based on their personal healthcare needs, while the employer or employee can provide cover for their dependents.


  • A modular product for companies with more than 10 employees: 5 plans with a choice of 7 levels of cover
  • A linear range for companies with fewer than 10 employees: 7 levels of cover
  • A range of services (including a 24-hour medical teleconsultation service), access to the Carte Blanche healthcare network, social fund for benefits not subject to contributions


Life and disability:

Including a compulsory life insurance plan and a host of options: children’s education pension, spouse pension, funeral insurance.


  • A modular product: only the basic life insurance component is compulsory
  • Double benefit in the event of accidental death
  • A product suitable for all professional categories: executives, non-management staff, all employees


Henner ENTREPRISE was presented to our partner brokers nationwide on 15 June at various local, targeted events.


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