For the fifth year running, the Henner Group has been awarded the Label of Excellence for its funeral insurance solutions. The label, which awards the best plans available on the market, is given by the Dossiers de l’Epargne, a group of independent professionals from banks and insurance companies.

Receiving the label again is a huge source of satisfaction for the teams. It is all the more gratifying because it is given by independent experts from the sector. It is the result of in-depth work to understand the expectations of our customers and social changes. It encourages us to carry on offering ever more innovative solutions,” explains Olivier Pericchi, Deputy CEO.

A comprehensive range

In 20 years from now, there will be some 20 million retirees in France. Funeral insurance is not an easy matter to discuss: there are so many things to take care of at such a difficult time, and at a considerable financial cost (on average €4,500), etc.

This led Henner to launch a funeral insurance plan that is part of an overall approach. The solution is more than just a lump sum payment for the family when their loved one passes away. It has been designed to provide comprehensive support for beneficiaries and their families.

The solution provides personalised assistance ahead of time (types of premium, inheritance tax, etc.), at the time of death (the various formalities) and after the funeral (administrative procedures, inheritance, psychological support, etc.).

An optional extra is also available, which provides repatriation to the beneficiary’s country of origin and other related services.

Strong points:

Assistance with formalities: Information and assistance with arrangements to be made, administrative formalities, inheritance tax, etc.

Comprehensive and tailored support: psychological support, help to find a funeral parlour, verification of quotes, legal support abroad, etc.

Timely services: no up-front fees (in whole or in part) anywhere in France, with all funeral companies, or reimbursement within 48 hours.

Repatriation to the country of origin:

– Organisation and coverage of the repatriation to the country of origin of the beneficiary and the accompanying person’s ticket

– Transport fare for a member of the family or the member in case of death of a brother/sister or child

The offer is available either directly from Henner (Henner Obsèques) or via a broker (the Obsèques+ selection).

To find out more about Henner funeral insurance:

*The labels of excellence reward the best contracts on the market. They are awarded by independent professionals from banks and insurance companies, which ensures it remains completely transparent in its assessment and ratings.


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