A key player in the field of social protection, the Henner Group encouraged its employees and partners to take part in a sponsorship program for the benefit of Imagine Institute, the European leader in the research and treatment of genetic diseases (Necker Hospital).

Henner showed its support for medical research by mounting an original sponsorship program to benefit Imagine Institute, at the forefront of research into genetic diseases.

On 20-21 September, employees and partners (including brokers and insurers) of the Henner Group were encouraged to walk as much as possible in order to clock up 1 million steps within 48 hours, and make a €20,000 donation to Imagine.

300 connected bracelets will be given out to count the number of steps in real time. Ultimately, some 1.5 million steps were registered by the 300 people who took part in the challenge.

The collective effort helped to raise awareness among the insurance industry about the fight against genetic diseases and donate €20,000 to medical research.

Charles Robinet-Duffo, CEO of the Henner Group explains: “We have supported Imagine Institute for the past three years because, as a player in the healthcare sector, we believe it is essential to develop medical research.”

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About Henner
The Henner Group, a company that designs innovative health and life insurance solutions, is a leader on the French market for group healthcare insurance. With its strong international presence, the independent French company has 1,500 employees throughout France as well as Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Active in all segments of health and life insurance (healthcare, life and disability insurance), the Henner Group works with 10,000 companies of all sizes to design and manage insurance plans for some 1.5 million members, employees and families. The company has put together the world’s largest network of healthcare providers, with 1 million providers in the USA and more than 50,000 in 166 countries, providing its members access to care wherever they are in the world.

About Imagine Institute
The leading European centre for research, treatment and training in genetic disease, Imagine Institute’s objective is to understand and heal. Imagine brings together 850 of the best doctors, researchers and healthcare personnel within a structure that fosters synergy. This collection of expertise, along with the proximity to patients, has enabled Imagine to speed up medical discoveries and apply them to patients.
Some 9,000 known genetic diseases affect 35 million patients in Europe, with nearly 3 million in France, where 30,000 new cases are recorded every year. 60% of the children under consultation leave without a genetic diagnosis, while 90% of genetic diseases still have no cure. Faced with such a huge public health issue, the challenge is two-fold: diagnose and heal.