The Henner Group and the Galian Group celebrate their five-year partnership in healthcare and life & disability

The Henner Group, a specialist in personal insurance and leading collective healthcare insurance company, and Galian, a major player in property sector, are celebrating their 5-year partnership in healthcare and life & disability. This provided the Henner Group with the chance to show their willingness to provide flexible and reliable solutions for professionals in the property sector.

Since 2011, Henner has been providing client-members of Galian (freelancers and company directors) with tailored advice on healthcare, life and disability insurance based on its solid expertise in contract management.

As Olivier Pericchi, Associate Director at Henner,explains, “The Henner Group now offers the ideal alternative to professionals in the property sector who are looking for a reliable partner to support them with everything up to contract management.”

Alain Ledemay, CEO of Galian, says, “With the help of our partner, Henner, we are able act quickly and effectively on a market which is somewhat different from our core business. Our client-members benefit from services that are adapted to suit both their employees and themselves.”

According to a survey of 700 client-members carried out in September 2014, 95% of respondents were satisfied, in particular with the quality and speed that the solutions were delivered, and the reimbursement times.

The offer is recommended by the French Property Federation (FNAIM) “because it is simple, reliable and transparent,” explains Jean-François Buet, chairman of the Federation. “Galian also provides us with a range of business solutions. You might say that we share the same DNA, which means we can work together effectively and intelligently to serve our members.”

Galian and Henner have teamed up to offer two healthcare and life & disability solutions, one for freelance workers, the other for employees of small companies governed by the CCNI French property sector collective agreement.

A further advantage for Galian client-members is that the membership registrations and options for collective and individual contracts are handled entirely online.

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About Henner
The Henner Group, a company that designs innovative health and life insurance solutions, is a leader on the French market for group healthcare insurance. With its strong international presence, the independent French company has 1,500 employees throughout France as well as Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Active in all segments of health and life insurance (healthcare, life and disability insurance), the Henner Group works with 10,000 companies of all sizes to design and manage insurance plans for some 1.5 million members, employees and families. The company has put together the world’s largest network of healthcare providers, with 1 million providers in the USA and more than 50,000 in 166 countries, providing its members access to care wherever they are in the world.

About Galian
Galian is the French leader of financial security and one of the major players in insurance for professionals in the property sector. An independent entity created by and for professionals of the property industry, Galian supports estate agents, building and property management companies, for whom it secures transactions made with clients. With more than 50 years of experience, Galian provides more than 10,000 professionals with products and services to suit their area of business.

About the FNAIM
The French Property Federation, FNAIM, is a trade union for professionals in the property sector in France. Its members come from all businesses within the sector, including transactions, management, rental, expertise, assessment, etc. Founded in 1946, the Federation operates throughout France via a network of regional and local branches.
FNAIM helps its members on a daily basis. It provides a range of training modules that help to differentiate FNAIM professionals based on their skills and the quality of services they deliver to individuals. The Federation ensures that each of its members comply with the code of ethics that protect consumers’ rights.

Based on its network of representatives, its knowledge of property markets, its legal and technical expertise, FNAIM frequently contacted by the authorities on matters of housing policy and legislation. The statistics is publishes based on data supplied by its members are released free of charge, providing up-to-date figures on the housing market in France. As a partner and a benchmark, the Federation is keen to share its positive, balanced, and social vision of the property sector. FNAIM is a member of the French Council of Property Transactions and Management (CNTGI).