Henner puts brokers to the test throughout the summer

The HENNER-TEAM Challenge: 12 weeks, 6 games, 6 chances to win!

Health and Life insurance specialist Henner is launching a new campaign: the Henner Team Challenge for brokers. Right up until the “Journées du Courtage” (“Brokerage Days”, 15-16 September 2015), Henner will be putting brokerage professionals to the test with a series of online games published on a dedicated website and on Facebook. It’s a fun way of discovering, or rediscovering, the values of the french leader in health insurance.

This summer, as we look forward to the 2015 Journées du Courtage, Henner will be reaching out to brokers. Just like in 2014, we shall be adopting a quirky, humorous tone, making fun of “old school” insurance conventions. Short-sleeved shirts, ties and 70s-style spectacles will all be in the firing line!

1st stage of the campaign:

Before revealing what the Henner Team values really consist of, we shall be presenting a gallery of colourful characters who could be described as joyful losers. Not really at the top of their game, these professionals will be summed up using #PASHENNERTEAM (#NOTHENNERTEAM).

Every fortnight, the broker who has won the latest round of the Henner Team Challenge will be awarded a prize. An HD video camera, a smart watch and other prizes are up for grabs.

The 2nd stage of the campaign, featuring the relational promise offered to brokers, will be revealed at the end of August. Finally, Henner will be heavily involved in the Journées du Courtage and will be inviting brokers to take up a number of challenges at its booth.

To take part in the Henner Team Challenge, go to: